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Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend

Specially formulated for the Outdoors Enthusiast

At Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend, our customers come first and we pride ourselves on making sure you find exactly what you have in mind. If you need assistance, ideas, or special service, just ask and we’ll be happy to help.

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Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend

Our History began with one man's passion for wildlife..

Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend

Here at Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend we strive to make the best Product we can. I've been a Hunter Ed instructor for almost 20 years. My favorite animal has always been the Whitetail Deer. I've been an avid hunter for 30 years. My way of giving back to the sport I love and hold dear to my heart was becoming a Hunter Ed instructor so I could teach proper hunter ethics, wildlife management. After so many years of teaching and giving back to the sport I love I started thinking this is great but what's it doing for the Deer? With that thought constantly going through my head I really started to think. Well yes it's helping the hunting industry but not so much the deer and game we pursue. That's where Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend began. I set out on a mission to help the deer but how was I gonna do it??

We've all heard so much about CWD. Where does CWD come from? It comes from Hunter's across the U.S. People wanna feed high steroids to wild deer to grow massive Antlers. Unnatural steroids to deer are a very bad thing which is where the whole CWD started. Do deer don't need steroids?? Of course not. 

What they do need is natural proteins that grow in all states. With lots of research and studies I began to put a natural recipe together that's 💯 all natural. My ingredients are all grown on local farms across the U.S.A.

How was I gonna bring several ingredients together?  Was it possible to put them in a bag and mix them? The answer is NO. I started off to design a pellet. With a single pellet I could mix them together to insure the deer got the Natural Protein they need. 

Why does a deer need such proteins? Protein is magnificent for deer as a natural heard health builder. It increases the lactation in Doe's and gives their claustrum a huge advantage to their upcoming newly soon to be offspring. Rich Claustrum will give the new birth's a jump started immune system to help fight off any diseases. Now for the adult Doe's and Bucks with the all natural protein boost they get from devouring Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend will help them gain and maintain weight. Deer lose a lot of weight in the winter and they are more apt to get sick as the natural crops and proteins deminish. 

Here at Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend we've managed to counteract that weight loss with our secret natural blend. Bucks won't grow their antlers in the spring until they've replenished their winter weight loss. With our Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend they don't have to work near as hard to gain back that weight cause they won't lose it in the winter if they are being fed right. Without the weight loss their Antler Matrix system is ready and starting to form long before we see it. 

Feeding Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend you'll see heavier deer of both sex. The Bucks Antlers will be twice what they'd normally be even on the younger bucks. 

All in all you'll have a healthy heard, healthy offspring and yes Bigger Racked Bucks. 

Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend is more than just corn in a bag. It's more than just a few ingredients mixed in a bag. Klinks Premium Wildlife Blend is highly nutritious for all animals but deer strive from it.. 

A special formulated blend of nutrients that are packed with proteins created specifically for wildlife.  This was designed by a man who has the passion and love for wildlife especially deer.  Great for the Outdoors, Hunting and Feed.

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